Adding custom CSS code to your WordPress site can be done in several ways that we will detail. Many web designers have this fundamental need to use CSS to make their theme unique.

Adding CSS via WordPress without using a plugin

Since version 4.7 of WordPress it is possible to insert CSS natively:
Go to Appearance then Customize, you will notice a panel named CSS additional, by clicking on it you will have access to a small CSS code editor allowing you to see live your CSS modifications.
Be careful however not to include too many lines of code, this editor is not designed to support large style sheets for heavy projects, otherwise your code’s performance will deteriorate! This tool is only useful for small, very basic modifications.

Go further with the Anym Live Editor plugin

I take this opportunity to present you our premium plugin that handles CSS in a much more advanced and professional way.

The Anym Live Editor plugin allows you to write endless lines of CSS, SASS or SCSS code, with minimal impact on the performance of your WordPress site. In addition, if you want total performance, you have the ability to export a minimal compilation of your CSS from the plugin and have it loaded into your theme as a style file. Indeed, CSS files are loaded much faster thanks to the cache generated by plugins like WP Rocket.

To do this, you need to order your Anym Live Editor license, then download from your anym live space, the installation can be done either by direct insertion to your FTP, or from your plugin management space in the administration of your WordPress site.
Then navigate to a page on your site, and you will see a new button in the WordPress administration bar: Anym Live Editor. From now on, clicking on it will open an editor in a new window, which will be fully linked to your page, on which you can start styling live when you write your CSS (or even SCSS!) code.
To save, you then have only one manipulation to do: click on the “Save” button or do CTRL+S. Your new CSS insertion will then be activated and your visitors will see your modifications.

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