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Freelancers Tools

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Freelancers Tools is managed by Ivica Delic, and lists all the most interesting tools and plugins for a freelance webmaster. Access a large bank of resources to create your customers’ websites.

Ivica Delic is also one of the biggest WordPress influencers, he communicates and gives advice on his several Facebook pages (Freelancers Tools, WordPress Speed Up, WordPress, etc…) on a regular basis on all the new and promising plugins on WordPress.

The Anym Live Editor plugin was thus fortunate to have been mentioned and presented to the entire WordPress community.


Visit the partner site

Scriptstown is a site presenting high quality WordPress themes and plugins. Focused on security and optimization of WordPress sites, they are essential tools for any webmaster.

We mention Scriptstown because we are in direct collaboration regarding the writing and security of the code implemented in the Anym Live Editor plugin.

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