Who we are?

Anym is a small french web agency specialized in website development.

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Anym Live Editor

Why this plugin?

As a web agency, we needed powerful tools to create websites with unique and attractive designs that we could achieve in no time. We were very frustrated to use themes and plugins that we couldn’t easily redesign the way we wanted.

We all work with multiple screens, and we like to code on one screen and see the result on the other. There is absolutely no wordpress plugin that can do this, and to be honest, building this wordpress plugin with this kind of functionality was a real challenge.

While we were creating Anym Live Editor, we were already using it on our websites, many ideas came up as we were constantly improving the possibilities of our tool. Today, Anym Live Editor seems very solid and is part of the core of our Agency. We could not imagine creating more WordPress websites without this tool that has become indispensable.

Our goals

What’s next ?

We will continue to improve Anym Live Editor over and over again, our goal is to make this tool a MUST HAVE for any web agency building wordpress sites worldwide.

We are currently working on the language files and trying to improve the current features. We would also like to make SCSS and Javascript code more intuitive for non-programmers so that they can start writing and learning solid code without necessarily knowing it.