Live Inspector

Select your items without looking for them

Live inspection of your page and list of children

Target selectors in CSS and Javascript have never been so easy! We have introduced an inspector to target any element on a page, just enable live inspection and click on your element to get its class. 

How does it work ?

Button selection

Simply activate the inspection by clicking on the built-in inspector button, then move your mouse over the page to target the item you are looking for. You will get a hierarchy of this element and its children.

How does it work ?

Class selection

You can write directly the class you are looking for in the input, this will give you a hierarchy of its children.

If you made a mistake in the name, our implemented console will give you the best matching element.



Insertion in the Editor

Simply right-click on the element in the DOM hierarchy, and press “Import single node” or “Import all childs” to have a SCSS ready for the rules.

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