Folders Management

Working with files and folders

Several files for your live CSS and Javascript

For a good understanding of your code, it is important to keep a clean configuration using files as you would usually do using a code editor, that’s why we set up file management.

How does it work ?

Files and Folders for SCSS

Newly created files are not automatically included in the final compilation. Keep in mind that the “index” file is your MASTER file, into which you will need to import other files (where these other files can also import other files, etc).

Import your file using : @import “your-file”;

How does it work ?

Files and Folders for Javascript

The files for Javascript work the same way as for SCSS, only the “Index” file will be compiled, and you must import the other files using @import. Javascript will be generated dynamically online, import orders are important since the compilation is synchronous.

Import your file using : @import “your-file”;

Files and Folders management

Create, Rename, Move, Remove

In Anym Live Editor, you can create your file by simply clicking on the “File” button in the right panel. You can also access other options by right-clicking on a file or folder.

To move a file into a folder, simply drag it into the folder.


Code management

Start writing profesionnal code in your wordpress website

Create dedicated files for your variables and mixins, then include them in your code.

Create a complete hierarchy in your code so you never get lost!


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