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Everything has been thought to match all designer needs. Work with CSS,SCSS and Javascript in real time.

Multi screen

Work outside your page window in real time to get the best overview of your final designs

Live inspector

Stop looking for your classes, just click and instantly get your page html hierarchy

Made by Designers for Designers

No more refresh,
No more waiting,

Manage your code with a professional build by using folders and files integrated into the live editor for a cleaner understanding.

Anym Live Editor requires the basic knowledge of the CSS, but anyone can quickly learn this simple code, which allows you to edit absolutely everything and view it without having to refresh the page.

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Use your colors

No need to always look for your hexadecimal colours, just open the built-in color picker, and instantly choose the colour you need.

You can also manage your colour palette quickly and easily, so you don’t always have to search for colours in your theme.

Edit CSS, SCSS or Javascript

The compilation of your SCSS or Javascript is automatic and transparent, just type your code, and everything will be automatically integrated into your page.

You can also download a minified version of your compiled code and add it directly to your theme for higher performance!

Who is using Anym Live Editor ?

Anym Live Editor has been made for the entire WordPress Community and for anyone who wants to push the boundaries of design.

Error management

Your code doesn’t work? No problem! The Anym Live Editor plugin will always warn you what’s wrong thanks to the integrated console. You can also check your code without having to refresh the page.

Stop looking for classes or IDs

Find your selectors by simply clicking on your page. You will get the hierarchy of all its children. You can then import into your code the desired selector, ready to write CSS rules between braces.

You can also import the whole hierarchy of children already pre-written in SCSS.


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Works perfectly with all other Themes & Plugins

Keep your favorite theme / plugin, Anym Live Editor is 100% compatible with all other themes and plugins!

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